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Our Mission Statement is simple...Principle over Profit

We will not sacrifice our morals or ethics to make a dollar.

Join the Reshore Revolution and help bring manufacturing back to the US!

About Honor LSV

Honor LSV was created by manufacturing experts with over 20 years of design and manufacturing experience. We believe that our reliance, as a country, on foreign products is a national security risk. Honor designs, manufactures, and assembles golf carts and luxury low speed vehicles that compete in an industry dominated by foreign products. Our goal is to reshore as much product back to the US to create American jobs, provide a quality American product, and give back to our community. We are proof that America can compete with foreign manufacturing!  Every year, Honor LSV selects a local military or law enforcement non profit organization to donate a portion of our proceeds back to our community.

Our Founder

Brian Plaisance

Brian Plaisance
Teal Golf Cart Body Panels

Honor LSV's

We use the latest in manufacturing technology that is traditionally found in the automotive or aerospace industries to create our vehicles.  Our products are cut with precision lasers and robotically welded for the highest accuracy possible.  Parts are then robotically painted or powder coated with the largest automated powder coat line in South Carolina, then assembled by skilled American workers. We are honored to be proof that Americans can create and compete with overseas products…all while using metals, plastics and other components made in the USA.